Add a (custom) map to your invitations

One of the questions that brides ask me most often is what is a custom map and why do I need it? Well, the answer, as with most things in wedding design, is: “it depends”! Custom maps have quickly become my favorite to design because there are so many fun things you can make. For example, the map can be functional or it can be completely invented. We can include icons for some of the special places or keep it simple. We can include it as a completely separate postcard or make it part of your details or wedding weekend itinerary. So let’s dive into some of these options and see what might be best for you – and I’m pretty sure you’ll want a custom map by the end of this post!

Do I have to organize a destination wedding to include a map?

No, absolutely no! My brides always ask me. You can have a personalized map no matter where your wedding is! Think about it – this map is about you as a couple who want a fun way to share their wedding! If you’re planning a destination wedding, it’s a great way to let guests know what to do while they’re there, but if you have out-of-town guests your wedding is already a destination wedding for them, and they may want to know what they should. check while I’m in town! If you have a lot of guests in town, they may not know some of your favorite places and it’s a fun memory for them too that highlights their town!

Function vs. fun: the purpose of the map

So the first thing we need to decide when designing your custom map is whether it will be functional for your guests or whether it will just be a fun addition to your gorgeous custom wedding suite. A functional map would include something that is more to scale and would actually work as a map for your guests – this is typically more doable if all of your locations are close together in a downtown area and you want to target them with the best ways to get anywhere there is a wedding event. If you’d like to include many of your favorite places in the city, we can create a custom map that still makes sense geographically, but includes many more locations besides wedding venues that may be scattered and don’t necessarily need to be used as a map (we have Google Maps for this feature!).

What should I include on a map?

All and nothing! You can include important wedding venues such as the aperitif area, the guest hotel, the ceremony and reception venues, and any post party venue. Beyond that, however, you can include where you first met, your favorite ice cream shop in town, your favorite spot for a Saturday morning hike, or things to do while guests are in town: the possibilities are truly endless. In my opinion, the custom map is a place to let your personality and your love story shine. There is no “right” way to do this or “must include”. It’s all about how you want your guests to experience your wedding and we can include as much as you want.

Illustration and words – Let’s design the map

This is where we get into the design and look of the map! Sometimes it’s fun to include small icons and illustrations of all the places you want on the map – this of course depends on the size of the map and the number of locations. You can also choose to have the map outline be the main focus and include the location names on the map. Or we can do a combination of both: illustrations for those places that are so cute or iconic, and words for everything else!

Does my custom map need to be on a separate card?

It depends! If you have a lot of locations and information you’d like to include, it would probably be better if the custom map was a part of the suite. We want to make sure it’s beautiful and not overly crowded or difficult to read and understand. However, if you love the look of a custom map and only want to include a couple of places, we could potentially combine it with the back of the invitation, or make a fold out invitation!

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